Friday, July 10, 2009

Marry Me

Marry Me

this is super cute....reminds me of my childhood experience when i try to do everything that boys do....and try to dress up like them too...hahaha. but actually i love doing girly stuff such as playing house, barbie dolls, 'msk2' etc.....but since most of my cousins are boys i try to be as boyish as possible (which in fact a fail attempt) so that i can play with them....
one of the most vivid memory is when all my 'big boys' cousins went for picnic at a waterfall called Batu tujuh and i'm not allowed to go....sob2.....
no all of us had grow into adult. i am now quite shy to hang out with them...just a simple more punching, and climbing on each other back like we used to....its weird how we used to mkn sepinggan n tido sebantal he3....may those memories stay in our heart forever...kui3

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  1. good old times huh..miss picnic at batu tujuh..and masak2 for kenduri kat blkg umah ketari