Friday, April 17, 2009

changing is a course of life~~~~meow3

in my 19 (this coming july, ha3) years of life i realise something......we humans...or to be exact homosapien....evolve and change....not only physically but mentally. im NOT supporting Darwin's theory but im talking about how our behaviours and characters change....our antics and perspectives are dependent on ourselves. nevertheless, external surrounding(including who we meet, live with and life events)can also gives some effects(ayat skema exam ni~)....these are some changes that i observed in myself lately.....

1) after i meet auni amira and aimifairuz....i start to listen to oldies and retro songs(60's, 70's, 80's and 90's) supprised that some of these songs are a huge fan of ABBA now...he3

2) i used to hate grey colour(dull, boring)...but now i seem to be liking looks nice....he3

3)i rarely eat at mamak at my place(back at bentong)...but now i think mamak cuisines are not bad(thosai sardin for example)....he3

4)now i can live without the telly....hu3.even though i miss my tv back home but i've become used to it( a remarkable achievement he3)

so.....what i wanna say is just go with the flow~we change but still preserved our nike always said......JUST DO IT!(positive stuff only yea...)


  1. sesedap rse ko jek tunggang tebalek kn nme ak..huhu

  2. he3....auni amira(bukan name sebenar)he3
    hahaha ok x?xo