Friday, April 17, 2009

whats going on~

its been aproximately 2-3 weeks since i last post something....kwang3...been busy he3....basically my life still go up and down .....left to right.....but i cant say its in equilibrium(ha3 physics vocab for the day) a nutshell what happen during these past few weeks are:

1) i was very busy studying for the Pre As exam
2)i was very busy chilling out with my mais buddies(but struggling at the same time sob2)
~ go for a stroll at tasik shah alam depan rumah with hadi, huda and iwan ~ (picnic, running in the rain, resting at shah alam mosque, studying, ride a boat~pretty fun isnt it!)
3)i was busy doing pass year questions(in case they come out in exam~~~hu3)
4)i sleep with zurina(org depan rumah + rakan study + rakan bertekak + rakan meluah perasaan)most of the time lately...hu3~cant tell you the reasons..........scary~
5)i miss my home....hu3...(just called them yesterday)
6)i just sign in as Padini club member!!!!!(have to pay rm1o but then i got rm1o voucher.....its worth i can enjoy all the privilages)
7)i m happy....Alhamdulilah.....
8) now is pre As exam so i have to focus~he3

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